About Us

The Tap House, Brampton, Chesterfield

The vision behind The Tap House is to provide the best drinking experience we can. Our philosophy is simply that whatever you are drinking – be it coffee, tea, wine, or more obviously cask ale – we want you to have a quality ¬†experience. That’s why Barlow Brewery’s Glyn Sanderson takes so much care to select the ales on the bar. The wine list, put together with our wine merchant is chosen with quality, value and variety in mind. ¬†With a little outside help we then added ciders and lagers with the same amount of consideration. The house beer is Betty’s Blonde, brewed as a light, easy-drinking, flavoursome and well balanced quaffing ale. Up and down the bar you will find stronger and darker beers if that is more your passion. Our manager Cheryl Wilson has plenty of experience and will be happy to advise if you are struggling to make a decision.

Happy Drinking

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